[Snort-users] -T option error

Drew Smith drew at ...11193...
Wed Feb 11 12:06:08 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 13:21, Erek Adams wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, crazy wrote:
> > I use snort-2.1.1-RC1
> > also I tested I few previous versions, there is no difference if "-T"
> > options exists or not in command line.
> >
> > > With 2.x it works just fine for me.
> > Does snort-2.1.1-RC1 works?
> Tell us this:  HOW is it _not_ working?  I'm running about 3 different 2.x
> versions in my test setup, and -T works just fine.  In fact, I just
> grabbed the latest CVS and built it.  Works just dandy--config file
> checked and everything...

He's not in the same directory that snort.conf is in. It seems that
snort will look in the current directory for a valid snort.conf file and
if the -c option isn't present it drops out complaining of nothing to do
if it can't find one. A bit misleading.


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