[Snort-users] problem logging

Elena Escolano Torner eescolano at ...10780...
Tue Feb 10 04:33:06 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
we have installed snort Version 2.0.2 (Build 92) with mysql and acid in
a linux machine (debian 2.4.20-2-686).

Snort used to work correctly, but since some weeks ago it does not log
anything in the alert file, nor in the snort.log file, nor in the acid
mysql bbdd.

I can not find anything in the logs that could give me a clue of what is

Here are the output lines of our snort.conf file:
output alert_unified: filename snort.log, limit 128
output alert_fast: alert
output database: alert, mysql, user=$user password=$password
dbname=snort_log host=aaa.aaa.aaa.aaa port=3306 sensor_name=$sensor_name

We have not change anything in the snort.conf, so I do not know why it
stop working as it used to.

¿Anyone has experience anything similar? ¿Any idea of what could be

Regards and thanks in advance.
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