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James Riden j.riden at ...11179...
Tue Feb 10 00:53:09 EST 2004

msalmanf at ...11176... writes:

> Hello everyone
> I have trouble in HOME_NET, do i have to add my server's IP Address 
> (
> what is XX ?

/32 for a single IP address. I think you can omit the /32 in this

If you're doing more than one IP address, you need to look up how
subnet masks and CIDR notation work. e.g. here I'm listening to
X.Y.0.0/16, which covers 65,000 odd addresses. This used to be called
a class B network under the old scheme.

If you look up the subnet mask in your network config, it'll be
something like - convert that to binary and count the
number of 1's, e.g.  11111111.11111111.00000000.0000000 - which gives
me a /16.

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