[Snort-users] Has any one tried SnorcCenter with Snort 2.1.1-RC1?

Jason Alexander lists at ...9901...
Mon Feb 9 14:00:34 EST 2004

I've said this a couple times now but SnortCenter is totally broken with
anything above Snort 2.0.6.  I'm currently working on getting it to work
with 2.1.x as I can't seem to contact the author to determine if he is
going to support it. As I have enought projects already I don't know if 
   I want to support it full time but if I get it working I'll release 
the changes as is for everyone.

Right now I would consider SnortCenter to be a dead product without 


crazy wrote:
> Has any one tried SnortCenter with Snort 2.1.1-RC1?
> There is a problem, the rules from internet can't be loaded.
> First problem was that URL was differ from
> http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-stable.tar.gz
> http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-current.tar.gz
> The new ones are
> http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT.tar.gz
> http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-snapshot-2_1.tar.gz
> http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-snapshot-2_0.tar.gz
> So in config.php I have changed
> $snortrules_url = "http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-stable.tar.gz";
> to
> $snortrules_url = "http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-snapshot-2_1.tar.gz ";
> But during load (ADMIN -> Import/Update rules->Update from internet)
> an error appears
> Database ERROR:Database ERROR:You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'yes' )' at line 1
> I looked to the db_pars.php but haven't found any place to change.
> Can you help me and all other users using SnortCenter.
> Pasha
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