[Snort-users] ACID bug ?: changing pages within query result

Vines Scott D 2d Lt AFFTC/IT Scott.Vines at ...11171...
Mon Feb 9 10:30:16 EST 2004


I think I've found a bug in ACID and I haven't yet turned up a solution:


After clicking "Unique IP Links," the resulting list shows the first 50
results as it's supposed to.  Clicking on any other pages within the query,
however, only reloads the first page of results.  I'm running Snort,
Barnyard, MySQL, and ACID on a Fedora Core 1, but none of that should matter
because the problem seems to be isolated to this particular query.


I've browsed some of the code, and the file where it occurs is
acid_stat_iplink.php.  After some basic debugging I see that the "submit"
value is updating properly but the query state is not.  Any suggestions?




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