[Snort-users] react: block not working

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Fri Feb 6 08:40:17 EST 2004

At 09:25 AM 2/6/2004, Micheal.Cottingham wrote:
>am doing this for other things such as MSSQL Propogation Attempt, NMAP 
>Ping, etc. I especially want to block ICMP Large Packet as the
>TTL's have been modified, and the payload is a bit screwy to say the 
>least. MSSQL Propogation Attempt is another big one on my list. I am in a
>pure windows environment and my boss is not favorable of *nix, so hogwash 
>is out of the question I'm afraid. snort-inline is also just *nix if I
>am not mistaken, is it not? I am using Snort 2.1. Any help would be 
>greatly appreciated

Whoops, sorry, missed the second half...

Really, since Windows doesn't come with a flexible scriptable firewall, 
there's little that you can do directly on a windows box itself.

If you must stick to windows-only you can buy a copy of CheckPoint FW/1 for 
your Windows box and use snortsam.

Although for the money I'd recommend not buying FW/1 and getting a separate 
firewall box and have snortsam command that. For the price of FW/1 you 
should be able to buy a Cisco PIX or Watchguard firebox. From what I read 
on the net, Checkpoint can be pretty pricey.

Snortsam can handle a variety of firewalls and can run with snort on a 
windows box :

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