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Thu Feb 5 21:03:02 EST 2004

> Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 13:49:39 +0100
> From: Keming <kemweb at ...11142...>
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> Subject: [Snort-users] one IP
> Hi,
> I´m trying to monitor only one IP as destination of the subnet but
> snort.conf -> var HOME_NET
> and/or
> snort.conf -> var HOME_NET
> seems to obsevere and alert all in this subnet (as destinaton) ?

As someone else pointed out, only some rules use HOME_NET and/or EXTERNAL_NET.
I'm not quite sure what you are really trying to do, but perhaps a BPF
(Berkeley Packet Filter) might help?

Google "berkeley packet filter" (with the quotes) for more info, but starting
snort like this should limit Snort to seeing ONLY packets to or from
	snort -c /path/to/snort.conf {other snort options} host

If is the host on which Snort lives, the same may be achived
(usually accidentally :) by using a switch.  If Snort is sniffing from
elsewhere and you just want that single host, the BPF above should do the

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