[Snort-users] Email Notification Methods?

Dirk Geschke Dirk at ...10648...
Wed Feb 4 13:32:23 EST 2004

Hi Michael,

>  I running four snort boxes reporting to a central mysql server. I'd like to have email notification for certain snort alerts if that is possible. 
>  I'm soliciting recomendations for software that can help me accomplish this.
> Im currently looking at Swatch which seems to be trigger by syslog events, any recomendations are welcome.

maybe you should take a look at FLoP:


The major aim of thie project is gathering the alerts on a central
server and feed them into the database.

One feature is to send alerts based on a priority via E-Mail to
a list of recipients right after the alert was inserted in the
database. The advantage is that you get all necessery informations
to find the alert in the database.

Best regards


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