[Snort-users] Snort Mysql Acid Combo

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Is Snort even running?


Are you getting any alerts in your logs?


Is Snort generating any errors in the error log?



Items 2 and 10 are out of date.

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I have installed a box with the following;


1] Redhat Linux 9.2

2] Snort 2.0.6

3] Mysql 4.0.17

4] Acid 0.9.6

5] php 4.3.4

6] zlib-1.1.4

7] libpcap-0.7.2

8] Apache 2.0.48 (not the one that came with the Linux )

9] jgraph 1.14

10] adodb 405


These are all installed in the Linux box above. The issue is that the mysql
is not getting any logs in the database. If I start my snort with "snort
-dvC" I get the alerts on the screen. What could be the problem. Do I have
to keep the components in different machines?






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