[Snort-users] Does barnyard work with snort2.1.0?

David dwad24 at ...722...
Wed Feb 4 06:42:04 EST 2004

Hey everybody,

I was wondering if barnyard-0.1.0 works with snort2.1.0.  When atempting to run barnyard in 'one-shot' mode with an alert file generated on a snort2.1.0 machine, I get the following error:

"ERROR => No input plugin found for magic: 2dac5ceb"

I found this on a snort-users archive site while googling for my problem:

>On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, Martin Roesch wrote: 


> Upgrade to snort-current.tar.gz at www.snort.org, you need build 78. 


> -Marty 

and I am using the most current version of snort.  What exactly does this magic error mean?  What else could be causing this problem that i am overlooking?

thanks in advance Everybody!  I appreciate it!


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