[Snort-users] Question on snort redirecting

Jack Whitsitt (jofny) seclists at ...8383...
Wed Feb 4 05:39:20 EST 2004


This will redirect traffic to another box...but it's set up particularly to be used with
honeypots (per your honeyd question - I think this works fine with honeyd. Im in the process
of testing it now).

Current version is patched against Snort 2.0.2, but I have a version that uses Barnyard that I
can send you if you use a different snort version and are unwilling/unable to revise the patch
against your preferred version.

We're looking at, speculatively, an early April release date for something that's a bit easier
to use...


> Hi All,
>    Can snort redirect packet or traffic to other
>  computer?
> My case is:
> Attacker->linux box(with snort)----Internal(computer A
> and B)
>    Suppose an attacker is to attack my linux box. Can
>  I forward the attacker's traffic to computer A in my
>  Intarnet? At the same time, normal traffic to
>  computer B?
>    As you know, I don't know the attacker's IP before
> it
>  attack. How can I redirect it? Do I need to read
>  from the snort database? Can snort know how to
> redirect? or Do I need to write some scripts?
>    Many Thanks!
>  Best,
>  Fred
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