[Snort-users] setting up Snort for the first time

bclark at ...10956... bclark at ...10956...
Tue Feb 3 15:55:09 EST 2004

My permission on that file are 644 and it is owned by root and the group
is root.  You may also want to check the files path it looks like it is
trying to look for the file in /var/www/html/adodb/

Hope this helps.


Richard wrote:
I seem to be having a few problems setting up ACID for the first time so I
was kinda hoping some of you kind folks could possibly help me :)

The error I getting is as followes:

Warning: is_file(): Stat failed for ../adodb/adodb.inc.php (errno=13 -
Permission denied) in /var/www/html/acid/acid_db.inc on line 537

Error loading the DB Abstraction library: from "../adodb/adodb.inc.php"

Check the DB abstraction library variable $DBlib_path in acid_conf.php

If anyone can help I'd be most greatfull.



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