[Snort-users] [Snort-sigs] snapshot layouts on snort.org

Brian bmc at ...950...
Tue Feb 3 14:00:22 EST 2004

As you have probably noticed, I've redone how snapshots work. Now,
snort.org provides 3 snapshots. CURRENT, 2_1, and 2_0. Each snapshot
should work, but we have a different level of expectations for each of

* CURRENT - development is done here. Be careful if you use CURRENT
* 2_1 - the "stable" branch, where we do bug fixes for the currently
  "shipping" snort. probably ok for production, might not be release
  quality yet
* 2_0 - the "depricated" branch, most definately release quality, but
  not really worked on, except for rule updates

Rules snapshots have also been updated, using the same branch names.
If you are automatically updating your ruleset based on our snapshots,
please update your configuration. (oinkmaster users, this means YOU.)


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