[Snort-users] monitoring only occuring on snort host

Ted Iglehart ted at ...11127...
Mon Feb 2 15:28:19 EST 2004

I am running Snort on a W2k server with the box placed between my
firewall and the Internet.
I appear to have everything configured correctly with my home network
set to x.x.x.x/24
However, I only appear to be catching events that are actually hitting
the snort box and not the subnet as a whole?
Is there a FAQ or screen shots of an IDS setup that a newbie can review
other than what is available on snort.org?
I am wondering if my Available IP's which only list the snort box should
have my x.x.x.x/24 listed?  I have tried this without success.  I feel
that I am sooo close.
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