[Snort-users] [Looking for] Open source reporting tool

Aaron snort at ...10572...
Mon Feb 2 12:04:23 EST 2004

>Snort Report maybe? http://www.circuitsmaximus.com/

I tried that one already.  It still gives almost the same information 
that ACID already provides with some minor improvements in detail. 
  They want a nice page full of statistical breakdowns with pie charts 
(not just one little one) giving a detailed report per subnet(s).

>> Something that would be even better, would be a tool that could do all
>> previously mentioned things and can be configured to only give data
>> for a specific subnet or subnets, depending on who is browsing it.
>> (Different configs in diff dirs, or username==, etc...)

>Snort Report with some patching? I am sure the author/maintainer of the
software are willing to help as well, but probably for a small fee.

Probably so, but I have to do this with existing tools and only 
modifications done by myself, as I know they wont pay for anything.
My kung-fu is not nearly as strong as what would be needed to knock 
something like this out in a week.  Back to the ripped fuel we go.

>> P.S. - This tool would have to sift through data collected on circuits
>> pushing 500MB each... several of them... and they are external... 
>> I am not smoking anything.

>Are you sure about that? Anyway, haven't run Snort Report on anything of
that size, but I guess you will find out how well it handles it (or

Yup. Four OC-12's and two OC-3's.  Soon to be six OC-12's. A crap load 
of noisy servers in a very hetrogenous network.

  I have no association with the Snort Report guys what-so-ever, not 
using their software. I tried it once, and maybe it will match (some) 
your requirements.

Use only as directed, contents may settle, if itching persists... 
 hehehe (j/k)

>Best regards
  Michael Boman

Thanks for the advice.  I will do what I can to make SnortReport work 
for now.  Hopefully I will stumble across something closer to what I 
am looking for.  If so I will post my findings.

Your help is much appreciated. :)

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