[Snort-users] retrieve IDS from unix sock

Matteo matteo at ...11123...
Mon Feb 2 07:25:09 EST 2004

Hello all,
I'm writing a little prog that read the data from the snort unisx dom socket and I need to 
retrieve, if it's presente, the cve code from the reference of the alert.

I'm reading a structure like 

typedef struct _Event {
    u_int32_t sig_generator;    
    u_int32_t sig_id;         
    u_int32_t sig_rev;        
    u_int32_t classification; 
    u_int32_t priority;       
    u_int32_t event_id;       
    u_int32_t event_reference;
    struct timeval ref_time;    
} Event;

/* alert socket code */
typedef struct _Snortpkt {
    u_int8_t alertmsg[ALERTMSG_LENGTH];
    struct timeval ts;
    u_int32_t caplen;
    u_int32_t len;
    u_int32_t dlthdr;          
    u_int32_t nethdr;          
    u_int32_t transhdr;        
    u_int32_t data;
    u_int32_t val;             
#define NO_TRANSHDR    0x2
    u_int8_t pkt[SNAPLEN];
    Event event;
} Snortpkt;

how could I obtain the CVE from here?

Thankx all,

Matteo Poropat
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