[Snort-users] [Looking for] Open source reporting tool

Aaron snort at ...10572...
Sun Feb 1 20:25:05 EST 2004

For those playing the drinking game, please take a swig ahead of time 
for me.

For myself and anyone technical ACID is more than enough to generate 
the data that is needed.

For upper management and end users (customers) however, a much 
prettier and more generic tool is needed.  I have not found anything 
opensource that makes dumbified pretty reports with statistical 
graphs, pie charts and etc...

Yes, I know ACID sortof does this with JPGraph.  Well, not really.

I also found a few things that generate html reports from the alert 
log.  I dont keep the alert log.  All the data is in the snort 

My company will not use snort unless they can see pretty graphs with 
breakouts of all the attacks.  We used to use Crystal Reports against 
ISS RealSecure, however both products are no longer supported 
internally in order to cut costs.  I am not complaining, as they are 
finally adopting and using open source software.  You have no idea 
what a strange warm and fuzzy feeling that is.  Maybe it was the rum.

If you know of a tool that can generate from the database useful 
information in the form of detailed graphs (with links to the 
technical data), pie charts and everything that management and end 
users would like to see, then please let me know.

Something that would be even better, would be a tool that could do all 
previously mentioned things and can be configured to only give data 
for a specific subnet or subnets, depending on who is browsing it. 
 (Different configs in diff dirs, or username==, etc...)



P.S. - This tool would have to sift through data collected on circuits 
pushing 500MB each... several of them... and they are external...  No 
I am not smoking anything.


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