[Snort-users] Snort and MySQL [SOLVED MAYBE]

Robert Spangler bms at ...4832...
Sun Aug 29 17:03:05 EDT 2004

On Sun August 29 2004 13:35, Robert Spangler wrote:

>  I seem to be having a problem setting up snort to use MySQL database.

I had an error in my snort.conf file

>  snort.conf has the following entry:
>  ===================================================
>  output database: log, MySQL, user=snort, password=******** dbname=snort
>  host=localhost
>  ===================================================

The above was placed in the wrong area of the config.  When this was corrected 
snort seemed to run without any problems.


I don't think things are running correctly.  I run a scan against my machine 
using CIS and it does it's reporting but I never see anything in ACID or 

I used the following quick setup guide written by Patrick Harper at 



Smile.....  It increases your face value.

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