[Snort-users] parsing the rules

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Fri Aug 27 14:17:25 EDT 2004

Snort.conf is the configuration file used by Snort, within which the
various .rules files are included.  Thus, snort.conf is parsed for a
variety of configuration directives (including rules) when the engine
is started in IDS mode.  Because of the nature of includes, the .rules
files are parsed as part of snort.conf.  If you wanted to, you could
add your rules to snort.conf directly (although you'd have a mess on
your hands).

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Subject: [Snort-users] parsing the rules
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i ran snort in the ids mode and one thing confusing. it says "Parsing
Rules file snort.config" . i thought the config file has a pointer to
the rules directory. could someone please help me with this. i was
also going thru the code and found a function call to
ParseRulesFile(pv.config). any help will be appreciated.

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