[Snort-users] Cannot get Acid to report any activity

Glenn Belyea gbelyea at ...12334...
Thu Aug 26 08:40:54 EDT 2004

I am feeling a bit dumb lately. I cannot see any activity through ACID.

I have configured Snort using Guy Bruneau's Shadow/Snort ISO. All seems
to be well, the sensor is saving alerts in the log files located at
/usr/local/snort/log/*. I can read them via less.

I would like to check to see if the logs are making it to mysql. How can
I query the database to verify that the logs are moving to mysql? 

If I find the logs are getting to mysql, how do I check my connection
between acid and mysql?

Any ideas would be helpful.

I normally do NT admin, so I only have a poor mans knowledge of Linux.
So, what I am saying is... Don't be to vague with your answers... :-)


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