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On Aug 25, 2004, at 8:44 AM, Paul Halliday wrote:

> I am currently using this tap:
> http://www.snort.org/docs/tap/
> This tap sits between a cisco catalyst switch and a 2600 router. The
> link is full duplex and I am only capturing traffic on one of the
> ports on the tap. I have tried a cable in the other port and I dont
> get a link light. I have double checked the construction and
> everything seems to be as per the documentation. Has anyone else
> managed to get both streams with the use of this tap?
> Also, looking at:
> http://www.snort.org/docs/100Mb_tapping1.pdf
> Would this be the better way to go? Is the item in the top left of
> this picture the same as the above tap? And the use of the switch is
> simply to combine the two streams?
> I have looked at purchasing a real tap from Securicore Inc that
> combines both streams into one on its own but they want 1300 CAD for
> one of these which is not really in our budget atm.
> What, if any, are my other options? -or- What have I missed on the  
> construction.
> Thanks.
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Hi Paul,

I'd do what Sandro Poppi suggested and try a crossover cable.  I've  
never tried to build my own passive Ethernet tap, so I can't offer much  
on the topic.  The diagram is wonderfully clear, however (nice job  

The tap pictured in the 100Mb_tapping1 diagram is functionally the same  
in that it splits the tx and rx into separate interfaces.  It  
represents a commercial tap.  You're correct, the switch is there to  
recombine the tx and rx pair.

Netoptics sells a tap that recombines the tx and rx pair called an  
aggregator tap.  I've had positive experiences with netopics products.   
Take a look at their website:


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