[Snort-users] Snort-addon Advice requested

Michael McDonough mpm at ...12292...
Tue Aug 24 09:23:10 EDT 2004

Well it depends on your backend, but you could take a
look at;



--- Clayton Mascarenhas <massnort at ...131...> wrote:

> Hi all
> ACID is causing too many problems for me. All I need
> is something to help me group together all the
> similar alerts.. and give me statistics about the
> number of alerts .. the percentage of a particular
> type of alert... maybe an option of graphs too...
> etc. I thought ACID would help me. But it is taking
> me too much time to figure out why it is so slow to
> load a page up and why sometimes I get errors. So...
> I was wondering if anyone could please suggest me
> another method or another tool i could use to do
> what I would like to do?
>  Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.
> Thank you all.
> Clayton
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