[Snort-users] win32 snort 2.0 stops logging to mysql when 1 of 2 databases are down

mark renton rentzzz at ...9090...
Tue Aug 24 05:45:15 EDT 2004


I am having a problem with all the win ports of snort,
(now using 2.0) stopping logging to two databases if
one is down.  My config file has two identical
loggging statments with the only difference being the
IP.  One IP points to mysql server 1 and the other
statement has the IP for mysql server 2.

If server 1 fails then snort does not log to server 2,
as 2 is still up.  The problem exists if server 2
downs and 1 stays up.  Snort acts like it hangs if one
server is not able to communicate.  Any work arounds
or similar issue?


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