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Where can I get my hands on this preprocessor? 

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On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 11:09:14PM -0500, William Metcalf wrote:
>  I know that some of folks don't think that doing virus detection
> with  and IDS is a good idea, but Victor Julien and I have
> developed a 
> preprocessor that can detect virus activity in network traffic,
> using  a clamav c function and the clamav virus database.  On to
> the preproc,  you can enable

Wow - freaky!

Have you got any stats on how such a preprocessor affects Snort?

e.g. how much more CPU/memory load, FP rates, etc.

As far as FP rates go, I mean as it's "just" an AV preprocessor (now
there's an understatement!), I assume it isn't also a SMB
preprocessor - so it isn't translating raw network data back into
files before letting ClamAV loose on it - so the chances for FP must
be higher due to that.

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