[Snort-users] Snort-2.1.3 Portscan

Scott Elgram SElgram at ...10477...
Mon Aug 23 10:32:12 EDT 2004

    As per our earlier posts I have made the following changes to my
preprocessor portscan2: scanners_max 256, targets_max 1024, target_limit 30,
port_limit 40, timeout 40, log /var/log/snort/portscan2.log

I have also added this to the acid_conf.php file;
$portscan_file = "/var/log/snort/portscan2.log";

I restarted Snort and scanned some IP with superscan.  I didn't receive any
alerts in acid, however,  I did receive many entries in
Have I skipped a step here and left something out?


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This needs to go in the FAQ. Because Roman hasn't updated ACID in ages, it
lacks support for flow-portscan. To get ACID to properly recognize
portscans, you need to go back to portscan2, which is still implemented in
the code, but no longer listed in the default conf file. There are a number
of articles in the snort-users mailinglist archives that address this,
including http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=snort-users&m=109044048107572&w=2.
On a side note, Roman is purportedly working on a major update for ACID in
conjunction with other work, but it's apparently going slow. We're hoping
for something in the Q1 '05' timeframe.
John McCash

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    I am trying to configure a SNORT 2.1.3 system with MySql and Acid.  I
have it all up and running just fine right now except for one thing.  I
can't seem to get anything to register in the port scan traffic section of
Acid.  I have looked through my Snort.conf for anything and found the
flow-portscan preprocessor.  I uncommented it and configured it as follows:
preprocessor flow-portscan: \
unique-memcap 5000000 \
unique-rows 50000 \
server-watchnet [] \
server-learning-time 300 \
server-scanner-limit 50 \
alert-mode once \
output-mode msg \
tcp-penalties on

    Even with this configuration I still can't seem to get anything to
register in that particular section.  I am using superscan and scanning
various IP's on the network SNORT is watching.  Have I configured this wrong


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