[Snort-users] Snort Install on Debain

Andreas andreas at ...12311...
Sat Aug 21 02:08:10 EDT 2004


On Saturday 21 August 2004 03:28, sEc nErD wrote:
> My next project is installing snort on debian,what i
> would like to do is have everything installed like the
> Acid Console too.
> If anybody can get me starting would be a big help.
> tILL now what i ahv done is used apt-get snort install
> thatz it..how can i check whther the package has come
> with acid or not am not too sure and confused if
> anybody could gimmee a good pointer.

If you had done an apt-cache search snort before installing
you had seen, that acidlab comes with its own package.
You have to use snort-mysql with acidlab. 
In /usr/share/doc/{snort,acidlab} you will find documentation
about setting up the database.
Because snort in debian stable is a bit outdated you may consider
compiling it yourself from source, which goes straightforward.
Hope that helps.



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