[Snort-users] Pinging all IP's

Don Merrifield merrifield at ...5343...
Fri Aug 20 06:53:11 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone, I don't post many questions, but I read most of the
postings. I have a issue I believe to be a problem. I am installing Snort
(and several of the extras) on a RH 9 box, 550Mhz AMD, 192 MB ram, 10 gig
hard drive and 3 Nic's. IP addresses assigned to all Nic's.
-151 -152. . The issue I am seeing is with only one Nic
plugged into the network I can still ping all the IP addresses. To me this
doesn't seem correct. I'm not an expert by any means, but this doesn't seem
right. Is there a config file I need to edit? Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Don Merrifield

Merrifield Consulting

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