[Snort-users] Snort sensor IDs

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Thu Aug 19 12:11:25 EDT 2004

If you are using bpf filters, try adding "ignore_bpf=yes" to your output
database line in your snort.conf. I just checked the docs and it is not
there.. I guess it is currently an undocumented feature...  If your sensor
name keeps changing, you can add the option sensor_name=<blah>. but you can
not have multiple sensors writing to the same database as the same sensor
name, it will have issues.


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I'm left a bit confused over how Snort handles assigning sensor IDs and how
I might be able to control it.  For example, I just changed how Snort runs,
and in doing so, a new sensor ID is created and dumps the data in there,
which makes querying MySql from a front end annoying.
Anyone know how to keep Snort to just a single sensor ID regardless of any
changes I might make to the startup options?  Or is there something inherent
that would make that a really bad idea?
On the same note, is it possible to dump data from multiple interfaces into
a single "sensor"?  I don't really care which sensor picked up the data as I
can look at source/destination anyway.

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