[Snort-users] Best reporting and configuration tool

Keith W. McCammon mccammon at ...11827...
Thu Aug 19 11:05:07 EDT 2004

"Best" is relative to your situation.  We have a decent list of tools
at http://snort.nisec.net/weblinks.php.  See the Reporting and
Analysis section, as well as Sensor and Rule Management.

Also feel free to submit other tools that aren't included in our list.

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From: Carlos M Ospina <cospina at ...12303...>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:57:40 -0500
Subject: [Snort-users] Best reporting and configuration tool
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Hello, i'm a newbie and i'm dure it has been asked before, so i
apologize for that!

Please anybody can give me an idea of the best reporter and/or
configuration tool for snort?

Thanks in advance!

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