[Snort-users] ACID alternatives

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Thu Aug 19 10:53:01 EDT 2004

I've been playing around with Activeworx's HSC for the past week or so, and
just installed the demo of their commercial ASC product.  So far I'm really
digging it.  Has anyone been using this for a duration of time?  Any
thoughts/opinions on it as a front-end for Snort?  Before we make any
purchasing decisions, I'd like to see if anyone has run into problems with
it, or if it comes recommended.  Unfortunately, the single-sensor HSC
version (which is free) won't be enough for us, but the ASC might.



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You can also checkout Honeynet Security Console at www.activeworx.org. It
does a good job up to a few million events on MySQL with minimal hardware.


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Sorry if this is a FAQ, but, can anyone suggest alternatives to ACID for 
analysis of SNORT data? I have a couple problems with ACID. The first 
being scalability. In our deployement of SNORT we seem to pick up 
10k-20k alerts per week. ACID absolutely *crawls* when working on such a 
dataset. Granted, we've got it running on an old low-end box, so I 
recognize that is certainly part of the problem, but ACID just doesn't 
seem to cut it. Also, it appears that ACID is dead. It never reached 1.0 
status, and in fact the last release of ACID was almost 2 years ago.

So, are there any active, open-source projects that are developing 
something similar to ACID but that might, perhaps be a better 
alternative to ACID?

Jeff Schmidt

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