[Snort-users] snort and tools overview

Thomas Zauner Thomas_Zauner at ...12242...
Thu Aug 19 06:52:05 EDT 2004


i have been playing with snort and the various snort tools for a week 
now , and also been reading this mail list.

i got kind of confused with all the diffrent tools possibly working 
together in an "snort" setup.
and from reading the mailing list i think many other new snort users  
feel like that too.

that's why i have tried to make a diagram that show's the diffrent tools 
and how they interact
and what roles they play in a typical setup.

i have just finished this diagram and there will be many bugs , so i 
would very much appreciate corrections and thing that i have missed.

here is the url from with you can fetch/view the file

1. PNG http://62.125.250125/snort.png
2. PNG http://62.125.250125/snort.dia (tool to make diagrmms/charts)

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