[Snort-users] Snort-DNS lookup question

Josh Berry jberry at ...12157...
Wed Aug 18 08:29:12 EDT 2004

This is ACID doing the DNS lookup, not snort.  You can fix this by
editing the acid_conf.php file and changing to this value:

resolve_IP = 0;

Other tweaks:

1) show_summary_stats = 0; # This will disable showing stats at the top
2) event_cache_auto_update = 0; # Huge performance boost but you will
have to manually update your cache
3) main_page_detail = 0; # Has to do with summary stats
4) show_previous_alert = 0; # Will only show first/last alert

Also, if you regularly delete data from ACID you should optimize your
database.  When I used ACID I use to have this run from cron once a

for table in `echo show tables | mysql <name_of_snort_db> | tail +2`
	echo optimize table $table | mysql <name_of_snort_db>

This requires the root user to have access to the db without a password
from localhost.  If the root user does not have this access you can
specify one that does with -u <user_name> after the dbname.  Or if you
need a password you can do a -u <user_name> --password=<password>.

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 08:52, Clayton Mascarenhas wrote:
> Hi
> When I run Acid.. it takes a lot of time to show up..
> I'm guessing its because of the excessive number of
> alerts I am receiving. Inorder for me to improve the
> speed ... in a little way...  is there any way in
> snort where I can remove its capability of trying to
> look up the DNS to try to resolve the ip addresses it
> catches in the alert files. My thinking is that by
> stopping this function in snort... Acid wont have that
> "FQDN" column that always shows me Unable to resolve
> address... thus improving the speed. Please could
> someone correct me if I am wrong... or let me know how
> to remove the DNS lookup in snort. 
> Thanks
> Clayton
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