[Snort-users] Snort 2.2.0 Final Released

Jeremy Hewlett jh at ...1935...
Wed Aug 11 14:06:01 EDT 2004

Hello, Snorters!

Thanks for testing out the Release Candidate, a good number of bugs
were squashed for the Final release. To that end, we're pleased to
announce the availability of 2.2.0 Final. The following items list
what has changed from RC1->Final. Please check it out and let us know
what you think!

* Updated database schema diagram from Chris Reid. Schema can be found
  in ./doc/snort_schema_v106.pdf
* Added --include-pcre* configuration option to help cross compiling.
  Thanks Erik de Castro Lopo.
* Fixed thresholding/suppression issue with queuing multiple
  events per packet.  Thanks Andreas Ostling.
* When a rebuilt stream causes an alert, log out the original packets
  instead of the rebuilt packet.  Thanks sekure at ...11827... for the
* Turned off http_inspect alerts that were causing false positives in
  the preset webserver profiles (Thanks Dan Roelker).
* Turn off encoding alerts in HTTP parameter field.  The parameter
  field is still normalized, it just doesn't alert.  This helps reduce
  alerts that are generated from complex parameter queries (Thanks Dan
* Fixed memory leak in "fast" output.  Thanks for your bug report
  sekure at ...12249...
* Clear error code which under Windows was causing a subsequent false
  failure in parsing threshold rules.  (Thanks to Rich Adamson)

Further details can be found in Changelog and RELEASE.NOTES.

The Snort Team

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