[Snort-users] Snort runs really slow

Harper, Patrick patrick.harper at ...11593...
Tue Aug 10 05:15:08 EDT 2004

Are you talking about acid running slow?  It is just a PHP front end to
mysql.  Acid gets slower the more alerts you have in the database.
openaanval is faster in my opinion, you might give that a try. 

As for the database size you have a few options.  Paul Schmehl has a log
rotating script that you can find at www.ntsug.org.  What you need to do
most likely is tune your IDS.  Tuning is the biggest job of running an
IDS.  If you have a bunch of irrelevant alerts then you are going to
spend too much time looking at data that does not matter.  Make sure you
have all your variables set right and go through the rule files.  That
will help the most.  

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I have installed snort-2.1.3
Its really slow.
When I installed it the main page was displayed after 2-3 seconds.
but after 10-15 minutes the main page displays after about 60-70+
As the time progresses it takes more and more time to load.
Also the the database size increases very severely. Any remedy for that

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	From: Ali Nasir Hussain <mailto:alinasir at ...7130...>  
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	Subject: snort error
	I have installed snort but all the parameters are always ZERO.
	I have run the command
	snort -c /etc/snort/snort.conf
	and it gives me following error.
	ERROR: Fatal Error, Quitting..
	USAGE: database plugin
	 output database: [log | alert], [type of database], [parameter
	 [log | alert] selects whether the plugin will use the alert or
	 log facility.
	 For the first argument, you must supply the type of database.
	 The possible values are mysql, postgresql, odbc, oracle and
	 The parameter list consists of key value pairs. The proper
	 format is a list of key=value pairs each separated a space.
	 The only parameter that is absolutely necessary is "dbname".
	 All other parameters are optional but may be necessary
	 depending on how you have configured your RDBMS.
	 dbname - the name of the database you are connecting to
	 host - the host the RDBMS is on
	 port - the port number the RDBMS is listening on
	 user - connect to the database as this user
	 password - the password for given user
	 sensor_name - specify your own name for this snort sensor. If
	        do not specify a name one will be generated
	 encoding - specify a data encoding type (hex, base64, or ascii)
	 detail - specify a detail level (full or fast)
	 ignore_bpf - specify if you want to ignore the BPF part for a
	              definition (yes or no, no is default)
	 The configuration I am currently using is MySQL with the
	 name of "snort". The user "snortusr at ...274...
<mailto:snortusr at ...274...> " has INSERT and SELECT
	 privileges on the "snort" database and does not require a
	 The following line enables snort to log to this database.
	 output database: log, mysql, dbname=snort user=snortusr
	I am using the following in snort.conf
	output database:log, mysql, user=snort password=xyz dbname=snort

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