[Snort-users] Standard questions

Craig Paterson craigp at ...9278...
Fri Aug 6 12:05:09 EDT 2004

Esler, Joel - Contractor wrote:

>We should assign personnel to answering the same questions over and over
>again.  I.E.
>"Snort/ACID/PHP/Mysql doesn't work"
>"How can I get Snort to email me alerts?"
>"Oinkmaster is broke"
>"Snort not logging"
>And the hits just keep on comin...  

Just hang a sensor off Sourceforge sniffing the mail traffic. Someone 
write some (kick-ass) rules to detect the questions coming in and 
generate auto-email responses to the respective requestors. And then we 
spend a while talking about DOS-by-question, the impossibility of 
writing rules that actually do what I describe, that sort of thing...


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