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Esler, Joel - Contractor joel.esler at ...9426...
Tue Aug 3 11:23:07 EDT 2004

This would be an awesome function to use, however, it should flag on
HTTP traffic !$HTTP_PORTS  That might be a bit easier to code.


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On Thu, Jul 29, Esler, Joel - Contractor wrote:
>    detect_anomalous_servers  config for http_inspect.  When I turn it
>    it  works,  but  it  detects  return  HTTP  traffic as opposed to
>    traffic  to  non  $HTTP_SERVERS, I am assuming that this is the
>    with  it  right  now  and  they  are  going  to  fix it?  Or do I
>    something misconfig?

Hi Joel! Thanks for working with me on this.

For others who might be experiencing similar results, the issue is
related to not having a default entry for non-anomalous ports. We're
going to redefine anomalous servers to be specific to certain
network(s), we think this will help curb false alerts. Look for a commit
to HEAD in the Near Future (tm).

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