[Snort-users] snort >= 2.1.2 on OpenBSD -current and memory limits

Jon Hart warchild at ...8039...
Fri Apr 30 06:37:05 EDT 2004

Replying to myself...

One way to work around this is to trim the amount of rules you load.  I
excluded several less important .rules files and snort loads and runs

However, after some amount of time snort will inevitably die because of
more malloc() failures:

	snort: FATAL ERROR: Unable to allocate memory! (13672 bytes in use)

So I could continue working around this by running snort in a crippled
state, but eventually it will die.  This could be because of legitimate
memory increases (like from frag2), or because of memory leaks, or
something entirely different.

If anyone has run into this problem, or has suggestions regarding how
this can be fixed, I'm all ears.



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