[Snort-users] Are there known bugs in the odbc output plugin WRT FreeTDS and unixODBC?

McCash, John John.McCash at ...10979...
Fri Apr 30 00:33:05 EDT 2004

Apologies for the crossposting, but this is now going out to snort-devel as well.

The answer to my original question is evidently a 'yes'. Which means it's not just my configuration. That puts me completely out of my depth. This is apparent from a posting I dug up on the snort-devel list from last November (http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=snort-devel&m=106809228722600&w=2). Said posting included a purported patch for precisely this issue on snort 2.0.2. Does anyone know precisely what the issues are, and why this functionality hasn't been included in subsequent releases? (an updated point patch for 2.1.2 would be nice as well...) I've sent off a couple of direct emails (this morning), one to the poster of the patch, and the other to Chris at Sourcefire, but so far no response.
		Thanks Everyone
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