[Snort-users] Problems with jpgraph and ACID ...

Michael Chapman MChapman at ...10754...
Thu Apr 29 10:09:08 EDT 2004

I am somewhat loathe to post this here, but I have been banging my head
on the desk for the past week trying to get graphing working in ACID.  I
have gone through several walkthroughs, tried switching back to phplot,
removed, reinstalled ... and no joy.  The specific error I am getting


JpGraph Error:  Can't create truecolor image.  Check that you really
have GD2 library installed.




RH 9

ACID v.0.9.6b23




jpgraph 1.14


libjpeg 6.2



I have gone through the archives, and tried hard-setting the graphic
type to jpeg in both acid_conf.php and jpgraph.php.  My path to jpgraph
is a relative one ... I tried a fully qualified path as well.


Please help me save what's left of my hair!  Many thanks in advance!


Michael Chapman

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