[Snort-users] legit network-traffic generating tool?

siddharth thakkar sjthakkar at ...131...
Wed Apr 28 21:50:02 EDT 2004


Just curious if anyone knows some tool or program
which I could use to create realistic network-traffic
including some http, ftp, long file downloads, etc.

Basically, I need something that can simulate real
web-activity.  I have coded a worm-detecting
preprocessor plugin for Snort, but I want such a
traffic-generating tool to test how well my Snort
plugin detects the kind of worms its made for...and
may be eliminate false-positives.

Let me know if anyone knows such a program out there
which can help stress test my network with such
legitimate traffic (in addition to my worm code which
I'll be running).

I'm looking through sourceforge, but haven't noticed
anything relevant. (except may be

Thanks in advance,
~Siddharth Thakkar
Univ. of Southern California.

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