[Snort-users] Snort for WIndows newbie question...

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed Apr 28 13:22:05 EDT 2004

At 12:54 PM 4/28/2004, Michael Steele wrote:
>A good rule of thumb: Never use BETA versions, at least until the initial
>IDS is functioning correctly using only release versions of Snort and its
>support programs.

In general good advice, however I (personally) would revise that to:
          "Never use BETA versions and expect them to be release quality, 
and don't be surprised if you have trouble with them. If you do have 
trouble, downgrade to stable."

>Also, never install WinPcap over itself. ALWAYS uninstall, reboot, check for
>and remove any packet.dll found, and then install the new WinPcap.

Very true.. and this applies for pretty much any windows program or tool 
you might be trying to downgrade. Most installers use a "overwrite if only 
if same or newer version" flag when installing .dll files, making 
downgrades of .dll files moot unless you uninstall first.

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