[Snort-users] Snort for WIndows newbie question...

Michael Steele michaels at ...9077...
Wed Apr 28 09:55:18 EDT 2004

Chris Reid has been notified that Snort will need to be modified in order to
use WinPcap 3.1 and newer.

A good rule of thumb: Never use BETA versions, at least until the initial
IDS is functioning correctly using only release versions of Snort and its
support programs.

Also, never install WinPcap over itself. ALWAYS uninstall, reboot, check for
and remove any packet.dll found, and then install the new WinPcap.

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> Thanks Matt!
> It works now....
> Now all I have to do is convert the text files to allow notepad to read
> them.....
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> At 10:13 AM 4/26/2004, Ambrose, Joseph wrote:
> >"The procedure entry point PacketGetNetInfo could not be located in the
> >dynamic link library Packet.dll.
> >
> >I thought I installed Snort correctly, however.....
> After experiencing this myself, it appears that it's a winpcap version
> problem.
> If you go to the source of winpcap:
> http://winpcap.polito.it/install/default.htm
> Winpcap 3.0 works, but Winpcap 3.1-beta does not.
> Also note that you have to un-install 3.1 in order to successfully
> downgrade winpcap. You can verify the re-install worked by locating
> packet.dll in your system32 directory and doing a right-click properties.
> The version tab will give you the version number of packet.dll and you
> should see it change after you're done.
> For reference, my working version of the dll is reported as by
> windows. This may not be the only working version, but it is one that
> works
> for me with snort 2.1.2.
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