[Snort-users] Snort start up on Multiple interface

Daniel Wittenberg daniel-wittenberg at ...9959...
Tue Apr 27 14:47:35 EDT 2004

The Linux RPM-installed version will actually only pick up ethernet
interfaces, and one small bug is that it only does ones with IP
addresses, which is something I'd like to get fixed in the next version
of the RPM's.


On Tue, 2004-04-27 at 15:15, Matt Kettler wrote:
> At 01:02 PM 4/27/2004, Brian Webster wrote:
> >I have tried comma separted values eth0,eth1,eth2,eth3. no luck.
> >I don't really want to get multiple intances of snort running unless that 
> >is the only way.
> AFAIK there's no support for specifying multiple interfaces to snort.

>          3) if you're on linux, you have the option of using "any" as an 
> interface, which will pick up all the interfaces (including lo, if I'm not 
> mistaken).

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