[Snort-users] MS SQL 2000 database setup for snort with snortdb-extra (osql syntax issues?)

todb at ...11422... todb at ...11422...
Tue Apr 27 10:48:04 EDT 2004

John McCash wrote:

> The issues seem to be with the escaped apostrophe, the colon, and the use
> of the word 'Manager'. Does anyone know the proper way to structure these
> lines for mssql?

In Microsoft SQL 2000, use two apostrophes to represent a literal
apostrophe, like: 'Plus Five''s MUMPS'. (Unlike MySQL, backslashes won't

There shouldn't be any problem with any other character or phrase,
provided it's all contained in apostrohpe delimiters. Fix that and your
other problems should disappear.


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