[Snort-users] Traffic Generator / Host Emulator

Josh Gomez Josh.Gomez at ...10005...
Tue Apr 27 07:38:51 EDT 2004

I have a few Snort boxes in place for my test environment & now I need
to make my environment real.
I need to do some serious traffic generating (all kinds).
Was wondering if anyone could suggest some good solutions (commercial
products/appliances ok).
Preferably need something that can simulate thousands of hosts on a
network/segment, generate the assoicated traffic as well as bring up
If I could simulate a network/LAN with at least 5-10,000 nodes on it,
generate various kinds of traffic, including netBios & the like that
would be cool.
Would really be cool if I could have these virtual nodes appear as a
variety of OS types, i.e. Windows.
Does anything like this even exist?
VMware is great but it has it's limitations, (only about 1/2 dozen
Virtual machines per CPU).
Would be nice if there was magic box!
Will be cool if the box is able to generate DOS / Security attacks & the
Any suggestions?
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