[Snort-users] Loopback traffic

Chuck Holley cholley at ...11679...
Fri Apr 23 14:18:09 EDT 2004

I certainly don't know :( where the packets are being generated.  I traced
back to my router the arp table as well, and really what else can I do at
this point.  We are going to call our ISP, and we are going to investigate
adding something for into our routers access list.  Has anyone
ever done that? 

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Hi log watchers!!!

The big question now is "What is generating these packets?".

Following what we are seeing in the messages, I asked to my snorts to
get layer 2 informations (-e) and at the end I checked the ARP table, so
I discovered that the  "BAD-TRAFFIC loopback traffic" is coming from 
some routers interfaces and by the ttl values I could see that it comes
from some one near.

So, does anybody knows what is generating these packets?

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Rodrigo Buarque Ramos
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