[Snort-users] a lot of Loopback traffic being logged.

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Fri Apr 23 07:27:02 EDT 2004

OK, I looked through the archives and found that it is probably the balaster
worm, and that to find the src address you need to follow back to the MAC
address.  My problem is that I have firestarter firewall on my mailserver
and it is also logging the loopback address issue as a "Martian source
attack," and I have two different IP addresses mapped to the same MAC
address??????  What is up with that?  How do I trace that?  

Also I cant seem to find where the MAC address is in ACID.

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I reported this same problem earlier. I had a lot of great feedback, if you
want to search the mailing list. Recently, I had this come up again. I used
Snort in non-daemon mode to find the MAC address that was associated with
the address, which lead me to a router (ugh!), I then had to
trace that through my WAN to another network, where we found the local MAC
and traced that to a couple of Japanese engineers who were visiting our
company and had plugged their computers into our network. Unfortunately,
because we did not have a translator and could not readily sift through
their Japanese OS computers, I still cannot say what the source program was
that caused this. I simply had to quarantine their computer away from the
corporate network. If I find a translator and the program, I will forward
this info on. Let me know what you find! I suspect some virus or trojan.
This is a fairly amateur attack to actually be running manually. Good Luck!

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"BAD-TRAFFIC loopback traffic"  I am getting a lot of this one alert on  im really not sure what is causing this.  If it is faulty
networking or maybe a spoofer.  Now that I know im getting this, thanks to
SNORT, what the heck do I do about it?  Anyone ever remedy this problem?

Chuck Holley
LAN Administrator
FitnessQuest Inc.
Canton, OH
cholley at ...11679...

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