[Snort-users] a lot of Loopback traffic being logged.

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Thu Apr 22 15:07:05 EDT 2004

I reported this same problem earlier. I had a lot of great feedback, if you
want to search the mailing list. Recently, I had this come up again. I used
Snort in non-daemon mode to find the MAC address that was associated with
the address, which lead me to a router (ugh!), I then had to
trace that through my WAN to another network, where we found the local MAC
and traced that to a couple of Japanese engineers who were visiting our
company and had plugged their computers into our network. Unfortunately,
because we did not have a translator and could not readily sift through
their Japanese OS computers, I still cannot say what the source program was
that caused this. I simply had to quarantine their computer away from the
corporate network. If I find a translator and the program, I will forward
this info on. Let me know what you find! I suspect some virus or trojan.
This is a fairly amateur attack to actually be running manually. Good Luck!

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"BAD-TRAFFIC loopback traffic"  I am getting a lot of this one alert on  im really not sure what is causing this.  If it is faulty
networking or maybe a spoofer.  Now that I know im getting this, thanks to
SNORT, what the heck do I do about it?  Anyone ever remedy this problem?

Chuck Holley
LAN Administrator
FitnessQuest Inc.
Canton, OH
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