[Snort-users] Password characters that snort does not like

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Thu Apr 22 10:40:25 EDT 2004

At 10:25 AM 4/22/2004, Harper, Patrick wrote:
>It seems to be that certain characters do not work well in the
>snort.conf.  If you set the password for mysql to something with
>characters like !@#$%& it does not like them. And snort will not start
>with that .conf file. I have not had the time to go one by one and find
>the exact offending characters are but hope to soon.  Does anyone have a
>list of these? Or maybe it is a combination or certain string that
>should not be used.

I don't know which characters are the problem, but based on my experience 
with snort I'd suggest that it is likely a list of specific characters that 
aren't allowed to be used without escaping them... What's likely happening 
is snort's parser treats certain characters as syntax elements and get's 
confused by them.

I suspect that if you want to use "pa$$word" as a password, you'd have to 
enter "pa\$\$word" to escape them.

Good candidates for characters requiring escaping are characters that are 
used as rule punctuation elements. The list I can think of and find by 
searching the docs and snort.conf are:

          # ! $ & =  ( ) : ; , - > < { } / \ | "

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