[Snort-users] problems updating rules with oinkmaster

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Thu Apr 22 06:35:22 EDT 2004

I've been having the same problem - I thought it was just me.  I am running

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Subject: [Snort-users] problems updating rules with oinkmaster

I am running Snort 2.1.0 and Oinkmaster 0.9 my rules were updating fine, but

recently I do not seem to be getting any new rules when I attempt to update 
them.  I have pasted what I get when I run the update script.  Any ideas?  

[root at ...274... bin]# perl oinkmaster.pl -o /etc/snort/
Loading /usr/local/etc/oinkmaster.conf.
Downloading rules archive from 
http://www.snort.org/dl/rules/snortrules-snapshot-2_1.tar.gz... done.
Archive successfully downloaded, unpacking... done.
Processing downloaded rules... disabled 3, enabled 0, modified 0, 
Setting up rules structures... done.
Comparing new files to the old ones... done.

[***] Results from Oinkmaster started Wed Apr 21 16:32:41 2004 [***]

[*] Rules modifications: [*]

[*] Non-rule line modifications: [*]

[*] Added files: [*]

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